Why Choose Us?

Our mission at Vanguard Arms is to open up the world of DIY gunsmithing to the masses. By utilizing state-of-the art 3D printers and CNC machines, we are able to mass produce kits for the premier DIY gun designs of the future. We utilize the profits to fund further research and development in order to better serve our customers in the future. Our products are sourced locally from the very people who design and publish the designs seen. Every design undergoes rigorous testing to ensure safe operation when properly assembled. Here's to the future! You can't stop the signal!

About Us


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Vanguard Arms LLC started as an outgrowth of the GunCAD movement combined with a largely freedom focused philosophy. By working with local organizations to promote gun ownership, DIY gunsmithing, local manufacturing, and STEM programs, we are able to spread the ideals of freedom and liberty to the masses. 


We're everywhere. You can't stop the signal. #WeThePeople


Summerville, SC